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Playing Expectations
Understand the expectations and guidelines of being a SUMMIT Volleyball Player. 

Player To Do List
Learn what you need to do each week as a SUMMIT Volleyball player as well as things you need to complete at the end of the season.

Practice Schedule
Know when and where your team is practicing. 

Coach Evaluation
Please complete an end of season coach evaluation to help individual coaches understand their strengths and weaknesses.  Coach evaluations should be completed by the last tournament of the season. All evaluations on a coach will be combined and then reviewed with the coach.  Including your name on the evaluation is optional.  By including your name, it gives SUMMIT the opportunity to follow-up with you if we have any further questions.  Your name will not be included within the evaluation given to the coach.

Private Lessons
Interested in additional training during the season or off-season?  Review our list of coaches who conduct private lessons. The cost of private lessons are not included within the dues for SUMMT.

Volleyball Camps
Interested in attending volleyball camps during the season or off-season?  Refer to the list of available camps you might be interested in attending.

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