What is SUMMIT Juniors Volleyball Club?
Starting in the spring of 2012 we started a new North County Region Juniors volleyball program - the SUMMIT Juniors. For more information on our club, see Who We Are

What sets SUMMIT Juniors apart from other programs?
For information on the unique aspects of our club, see What Sets Us Apart

What are the Practice Times and Locations?
Practices will be Tuesday and Thursdays starting in early March and will go until the second week in May.  They will be held at either Discovery Middle School or Woodrow Wilson High School and the times will be either 6-7:30pm or 7:30-9pm.

What is the coaching philosophy?
It is very simple. We're totally committed to teaching and developing players, and that means keeping them motivated and productive. We believe that developing both mental toughness and physical training is the key to building a foundation for strong athletic performance and our coaching techniques reflect that. Praise and recognition are very powerful forms of motivation, and vital to maintain a positive volleyball culture and to keep moving forward. We also believe communication is the key to gaining support for a program on both the athlete-coach avenue, and parent-coach avenue. You only get what you expect and that should be high standards of excellence. Combining these concepts is the framework for my philosophy with each one being just as important as the other.

Is Juniors Volleyball regulated though the high school?
No.  While most of our girls come from the Discovery/Davies High School District, we are an open cub and any girl will be allowed to tryout.

If I try out for a Juniors team and offered a position can I try out for another team?
Yes. Clubs cannot prevent you from trying out for what is best for you. Unless the letter of commitment form is signed, players can try out for as many teams as they want.

Will there be cuts?
Unfortunately yes.  While we wish we had the gym space and coaching for an unlimited amount of teams, we are limited in these aspects.  Gym space for volleyball in our area​​​ is very tough to come by.  We do not cut girls at the 12's level, however, there will be cuts at the 14-18's levels.  

What are the age requirements?
The age you are on September 1, 2014 is the age group you must play for in Juniors Volleyball for the 2014 season. For example, if you will be 13 on September 1, 2014, you must play at the 14s level for this upcoming season even if you will be 12 during the actual season. If your ability is such that it would benefit you to play at a higher level, SUMMIT may move you up to an older age group, but you may not move down below the required level.

How do I get registered?
For information on tryouts and registration with SUMMIT, see Tryouts and  Registration.

How much will it cost?
SUMMIT Juniors is more expensive than the other area clubs. Participating in fundraising and/or obtaining sponsorships can help offset the cost of playing club volleyball. All our teams will be active in raising money to help everyone participate at a reasonable price. SUMMIT fees are 100% based on the expenses we incur.  No one on the Board of Directors makes a salary of any kind and the only individual who get paid are the coaches.  Some examples of expenses we incur are: gym rental, player and tournament registration fees, coaching salary and travel expenses, and uniforms. See Fees - Fundraising for more information.  

If my daughter is not able to make it to a tournament, do we still have to pay?
YES, in regards to all local and National Qualifier tournaments, you will still have to pay. Currently the SUMMIT Juniors club only plans to attend the Northern Lights National Qualifier in Minneapolis but other national qualifier tournaments are a possibility. Each team will also attend approximately six local tournaments. If your team qualifies for the Junior Nationals tournament, however, and you are unable to go but are replaced by another player, that player will have to pay her own travel expenses for that tournament.

What all is involved if my daughter’s team qualifies for Junior Nationals and does she have to participate?
If your team places in the top 2 of a national qualifier tournament, you earn the chance to compete at Junior Nationals. Once a team qualifies for the Junior National tournament, participation is required. A team’s failure to participate in an awarded bid to nationals will result in the entire club being banned the following season. If a player cannot attend the national tournament, it is possible for a player from a Regional team to be “moved up” to play at the national tournament. If you attend the national tournament, whether you are a replacement player or an original team member, you are responsible for travel costs to and from the national tournament. If you are on a National team that qualifies for Junior Nationals, but a replacement player is playing on the team in your place, the replacement player will be responsible for travel costs to/from Junior Nationals.

What is included in weekly practice?
All teams practice together to keep consistent with what skills are being taught. Practices are broken up into individual skill work, offense and defense work, and game scenarios and competition.

Can playing club volleyball help increase my daughter’s chances of receiving a scholarship to play volleyball in college?
YES, most college recruiting occurs during the club season and collegiate coaches are very aware of our coaches' reputations and commitment to developing successful student-athletes. The coaching staff at SUMMIT is well known by collegiate coaches for their honesty in promoting our athletes. One of our 18’s Elite team goals is to have 100% recruitment by collegiate programs.

What if my daughter does not make a National Team?
Regional Teams remain highly competitive within the North County Region and often rank higher than numerous other clubs #1 teams. The SUMMIT coaching staff is equally qualified at all levels.

What if my daughter decides during the season that she no longer wants to play?
Once a player signs the player commitment form, she is responsible to her teammates, her coaches and financially committed for the entire season.  

Is it possible to play school sports during the Club Season?
YES, SUMMIT encourages and promotes multi-sport athletes. Most collegiate coaches will tell you they prefer a well-rounded student-athlete and not one that is "burned out" on a particular sport. Communication with club coaches regarding other sport schedules is vital.

Can we make our arrangements to have our daughter travel and stay with our family instead of with the team for out of state tournaments?
Club policy states during regulation season, all players will travel and stay together for National Qualifier Tournaments. Regional tournaments athletes are not required to stay with the team.

Refer to the Coaching Staff page for further qualifications.
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