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Welcome SUMMIT Coaches to the 2012-13 USAV Juniors season! This page was created for you to have quick access to all the tools you'll need to complete the season. Feel free to use it for helping you be the best coach you can be. We'll have tips, drills, and discussions that will all be available to you this season as well as contact information for all our coaches and board members.

The following is a list of some housekeeping items available later today to help make sure all our coaches and teams are performing in keeping with the SUMMIT philosophy. Scroll down to find more information on the following items.

- before, during and after your tournament​
- letter to your parents
- medicine kits
- clinics
- balls
- officiating equipment
- skills progression / practice plans template (pdf or Word)
- net set up / take down
- volunteers at your practice
- picking up players post practice
- links to drills
- sub coach procedure / list
- conflicts, attitudes, absent players... What to do
- USAV line-up sheets
- articles from AVCA​​

Before, During, and After your Tournament
Click here (word file) or here (PDF file) for a list of responsibilities for tournaments​

Letter to your parents
Download this template (word format) or this template (PDF format) as a resource to help inform your parents about team information.​​​​

Medicine Kits
All our teams need to have a medicine kit with them at tournament. MOST tournaments have access to ice for injuries but it always helps to have a small box of band aids and inexpensive items that you might need at tournaments. Johnson & Johnson have an inexpensive kit for $7.59 that you can view here or you can put together your own for even less. Athletic tape can get pretty expensive and if athletes need some you can contact your parent rep for soliciting help with providing what you might need. ​​​​

All our coaches are invited to attend the 2013 NDSU Volleyball Coaching Clinic on April 12th and 13th. If you can only attend one of the two days you can still benefit from valuable coaching information and ALL coaches will receive a DVD (including video) of the two day coaching clinic​. Click here for registration info.

Please remember to pack your volleyballs for practice and your tournaments. Most tournaments DO NOT have volleyballs for you to use and you'll end up having to borrow some from one of the other teams in your pools. Save yourself the stress and have a checklist of things you need to bring with you to tournaments and keep the list in a place you will see it before you head out the door. Being prepared will save you and your team from pulling your hair out by the end of the season! ​​​If you accidentally leave your ball bag at a tournament (yes it happens) contact someone immediately who might still be at the tournament who can pick them up for you or the tournament director. If you lose a ball, please try your best to find it. Our club will replace them but at a higher cost than they were originally purchased at a bluk rate and, unfortunately, the cost will be passed on to your team. Assign everyone a responsibility to keep track of all your volleyballs after your warm-up and make it a priority! The extra effort will save you money in the long run! Don't forget to turn in your volleyballs at the end of the season and we'll have more information when we get closer to that date. 

Officiating Equipment
You'll need a whistle and red and yellow cards for officiating and have your team purchase whistles as well. DON'T SHARE WHISTLES! Make it priority for all your players to add whistles as part of their gym bag so no one has to share a whistle for obvious health reasons. Everyone on your team is certified to be an official and everyone should take turns doing ALL officiating duties. It is a SUMMIT CLUB RULE FOR EVERYONE to help out and EVERYONE sticks around to officiate. ​​​​​​No one wants to be part of a team where some people are always stuck officiating while the rest of their team leaves early. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SCHEDULED TO OFFICIATE at the end of the tournament. Clubs can be sanctioned for leaving a tournament early. It is up to YOU to find out if your team is scheduled to referee and if you are not sure, it's a good habit to always check in with the tournament director before you leave. 

Skills Progression / Practice Plan
​​​The easiest way to teach a new skill or even reinforce an already learned skill is to break it down into parts. There is some debate over "whole" vs. "part" teaching strategies but the simple truth is breaking a movement down to make it easier to understand can save you time in your limited 90 minutes to practice multiple concepts and utilize your time better. Use the following template to help manage your practices. Download the template here (Excel format) or here (PDF format). Don't forget to add practice notes at the completion of your practice and announcements that you need to pass on to your team. 

Net Responsibilities
We only have 90 minutes to practice and should utilize it as best we can. Teams practicing early should exit the gym immediately following the end of their practice to allow the next group to begin on time. Teams will be penalized if extra time is repeatedly taken away from the late group practice times.

MAKE A LIST and assign players for responsibilities that need to include:

•Other (boxes, cones, GARBAGE PATROL, coaches specify)

5 minutes take down beginning immediately following practice time (same responsibilities). Do NOT use practice time to take down nets. Utilize as much of your gym time as possible. We need to exit the building within 10 minutes of our allotted practice time. Post practice conversations take place outside of the gym. Teams leaving extra trash will be penalized.

Take pride in your team and our club by keeping your area clean!

Volunteers at Practice
​​People are always looking to help out at practice and it's extremely helpful to utilize their efforts to help run a practice. However, it is an NCR-USAV requirement for ALL adults working with athletes to be screened every other year. Download explanation letter here (word file) or here (PDF file). If a problem persists contact one of the lead coaches available at all our practices:
Lead Coaches: Pete Tomhave, Leslie Olson, Chris Coste​​​​, or Chris Hahn

Picking up Players After Practice​​
​​Please make sure all your team members are safely picked up after tournaments and practices by their parent or have made arrangements with another teammate to carpool. YOU need to be the last one leaving your practice so no one is left waiting for a parent. It may be inconvenient but a few minutes of your time and prevent a tragic situation. Boyfriends or strangers are NOT appropriate replacements if parents are not available for transportation!​ Emphasis to your parents in your weekly letter to be prompt picking up and dropping of your team. If it becomes a problem, please inform one of the lead coaches and they will address the problem immediately. 

​​Click here for an article regarding player abduction following practice

Practice Drills
A collection of everything I've collected over the past few years. Feel free to use anything included in these packets. Goals, Drills, Philosophies, Non-negotiables, Player contracts, Diagrams, etc ...     download here​​​ (word file), or PDF file here

Wash drill concept

From Positive to Perfection
​SUB Coach Procedure
​If you are unable to make it to a practice or a tournament you have some options with the understanding that YOU are responsible for finding a substitution for your coaching responsibilities. First, you can ask one of our coaching staff to cover your practices in which case you need to work out the details for appropriate compensation. A complete list of coaches and their contact information will be emailed to you. Second, you can select one of our certified coaches from our sub coaching list which will also have access to via email. 

You may NOT use a friend to cover your coaching responsibilities unless they have completed all the background checks and USAV-NCR certification and if you are competing at the National Qualifier they need to have their IMPACT Certification completed as well. A complete list of IMPACT certified coaches can be found here. ​​

SUMMIT maintains a high level of coaching and you in order for you to complete your coaching responsibilities successfully you NEED to be at practice. We do understand circumstances arise that you might require a substitute coach. If you do require a sub-coach please have the following for them:

1) practice plan
2) list of all your team members and emergency contact info.
3) ​​​​​​contact lead coaches and inform them of who your sub-coach is
4) make sure the sub-coach meets SUMMIT requirements listed above
5) inform your players of your absence unless it cannot be prevented.

Canceling Practice
In light of weather issues during spring time sports we understand that SAFETY comes first for all our athletes and families. Contact our director Chris Hahn before you decide to cancel practice for any reason. Tournaments generally continue despite weather issues and are rarely cancelled. Be prepared for all weather situations by leaving early, consider going down the night before if weather sounds like it will turn bad, keep an emergency kit in your car all season long (good idea all year long), have all your team members contact numbers in your phone including lead coaches and the Director and easily accessible. Keep you phone charged the night before your tournament. ​​​​​Being prepared will not only make you look good, but it is a good reflection on SUMMIT Volleyball Club. 

​Conflicts, Attitudes, Absent Players.. What to do?

i think it's necessary for our coaches to be able to coach the way they need to coach to get the best out of our players. This is something you NEED to follow through with. Some coaches are better with management skills and don't let things get to the point that someone else needs to step in and deal with issues, but in order for ALL our players to get the best out of practice we need those negative influences to not take time away from a coach who's time could be better spent working with good attitudes and people who want to improve.

You need to send a clear message the first time it happens that SUMMIT Volleyball Club won't deal with non-productive attitudes and poor behavior. Our coaches are not babysitters and have a tough enough job rather than to fix something that all our players should have a handle on before they step onto the court.

1st offense - coach deals with on their own but decides if it's necessary to report the problem.

2nd offense - coach reports BOTH problems so we can contact parents as a verbal warning..

3rd offense - playing time is reduced depending on the severity of the problem..

4th offense - player dismissal from the club. Players can be pulled up from lower levels to play up if necessary if it is beneficial to the player and the team. Boards decision is final.

Coaches need to take responsibility of managing their team. There are, unfortunately, players who abuse the system with an attitude of "I paid my money so I get to play", which is contrary to our philosophy.

You can also contact any of the lead coaches or the Director if you feel you have an issue that needs to be addressed. As a board we want your coaching environment to be a positive one and also one that promotes the positive growth of all our athletes.​​

​USAV Line-up Sheets

You will need to print out line up sheets for you to use at all your tournaments. Line-up sheets ARE provided at the tournament site but they don't last long and rather than borrowing one from another coach you will look much more professional if you are already prepared. You can download line-up forms here. ​​​Other scorekeeping forms can be found on the NCR-USAV website here​

AVCA Articles
3/18/13 - My Favorite Volleyball Coach​


​​​​communication is the key for us having successful seasons so please feel free to contact me or one of our board members with any problems, concerns, or items we can help you with.

Understand the expectations of being a SUMMIT Volleyball Coach.

Coaching Sub List
Have a conflict making it to a practice or tournament?  Refer to the list of coaches you can contact to have substitute for you.

Learn what you need do each week as a SUMMIT coach as well as things you need to complete at the end of the season.

Expense Reimbursement Form
Please complete the on-line expense reimbursement form after each tournament so you get credit/paid for coaching the tournament and cover expenses incurred. Substitute coaches should also fill out the on-line form.

All reimbursement requests must be submitted to the Treasurer no later than 7 days after the date incurred or they cannot be honored. Applicable receipts for any expenses incurred will still need to be turned into the Treasurer even if completing your expenses on-line.

Please send receipts to:
                                                  SUMMIT Juniors Volleyball
                                                       Attn: Pete Tomhave
                                                           PO Box 10212
                                                     Fargo, ND 58106-0212 

Player Evaluation (End of Season)
Please complete an end of season player evaluation to help individual players understand their strengths and areas they should continue to develop.  This is an important step in player development.  All player evaluations should be completed and handed out to the players at the end of the last tournament. On-line player evaluations can be printed out.

Tournament Recap Information
After each tournament, please let SUMMIT volleyball fans know how your team did by completing the tournament recap information form. The information provided will be used to update the website as well as ensuring proper organization of coaches and payments.

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